teacher bio

Ivan Mulyavka

Ivan Mulyavka originally is from Russia. He started his ballroom dance career more than 20 years ago and almost right the way became famous as a dancer, teacher and choreographer. In Russian Federation Mr. Mulyavka achieved numerous National Dance Awards and became a team member for Republic Bashkortostan to represent his country on International level. For the last 5 years Mr. Mulyavka was a successful owner of “Apelsin Dance Studio” in Ufa, Russia.

In 2008 he was invited to dance and work in United States and from that moment his United States National and International career has been very successful and some of his top results include:

- United States National Professional finalist (USA)
- Superstars Dancesport Championship Winner (USA)
- Universal Championships medalist (England)
- United Kingdom Professional RS medalist (England)
- International Championships Pro RS medalist (England)
- Blackpool Dance Festival Pro RS finalist (England)
- Heritage Dance Championship Winner (USA)

Ivan Mulyavka teaching style is unique, bright and educational. Today Mr. Mulyavka is one of the Top Ballroom teachers in USA, his students are getting high recognition on different Dance Sport Competitions and National Dance Projects like “So you think you can dance”, “Live to dance” and “America Got Talent” and some of his Top couples are National Champions and representing United States on International level.